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A week in the bright lights of Cardiff passed almost too quickly. I caught up with an old friend who I haven't seen in near two years so an enjoyable week really. We stayed near Cowbridge in a rather manky little converted barn and the only real downer was that we were not closer to the city centre.
Still in Wales this week and next but in North Wales where everyone speaks with a scouse/welsh type accent and it's very difficult to understand what anyone is saying, oh and they're all a bit touchy about England winning in the rugby last weekend although I think they've failed to grasp the fact that we couldn't care less.
I haven't had a great start to week if the truth be known. I started the week feeling really ill because of the different mineral content in the water up here. This was then proceeded by going to the next school and having a large clock fall on my face from about 6 feet up, thus bloodying my nose. I thought the worse was over until this morning I pulled a muscle in my back and we had to cancel today's shows. I've been down the chemist and I'm stocked up on painkillers and muscle rubs etc in a bid to see out the rest of the week and rest over the weekend.
On the plus side I'm going my sisters to see Placebo in Birmingham on their next tour, so no all bad eh?
Still Wales is very dull, roll on London.
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