Chronicles Of MTP (chroniclesofmtp) wrote,
Chronicles Of MTP

Shiney and New

New cast, new play, same hardworking rehearsals. Well so far so good, the show is on the brink of being ready with our dress rehearsal tomorrow. The cast are good bunch and we've beening getting on with the work as well as having a laugh (always important when you're due to spend 3 months together, cos shit can get real old, real quick otherwise.)
Hoping my friends all over the place are well, I didn't get to see nearly as many of you as I'd have liked over the Xmas period (although I did get to hang out with Vicky Decay, Metal Hammer's Jamie Hibbard, HIM's Ville Valo and some random obsessed HIM fan who was about 12 years old. Strange old night really)
I also think if found the key to touring: bring your PS2 with you. More on that another time perhaps.
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