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Edinburgh to Cornwall

It's been a long few weeks! Two weeks in Edinburgh followed by trips to Shropshire, Reading, Cornwall and back to Leicestershire. There are two shows remaining on this tour and they are next weekend, I'm glad that it's all coming to an end cos I'm feeling a bit burnt out by these shows.

The Fringe was good and shite in equal measure.

I enjoyed being in the same venue for a two week and not keep having to load and unload the van. It was also great to see Suzy during the festival because I felt more inclined to go and see some shows that I wouldn't have on my own (the best of which being Tim Minchin, Reg D Hunter and La Clique). I also finally got to meet some of Suzy's friends who were all wicked and I felt embraced by the group. Also good was bumping into old friends who I'd not seen for many years and having the opportunity to catch up.

However, it sucked to be staying in a two bedroom appartment with nine other people (one kitchen, one bathroom. figure it out for yourself). I didn't particulary enjoy the experience of flyering on the Royal Mile, it's like a giant hustle with everyone vying for the attention of the few tourists who happen down there, and of course the worse part is although you may have given them a flyer, performed a small excert from the play or sung them a song, they still don't show up to the performance (our audiences ranged but on the whole where not that bad although could have been better).

Time for a recharge before the final furlong.
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