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Car Crash

Yesterday evenings show was cancelled after I and 4 other members of the cast thankfully walked away from a car crash that saw our vehicle written off. 3 of of us (including me) ended up in A&E but for the most part we've only got bouts of whiplash, seatbelt burns and brusing. I'm feeling pretty banged up this morning but it could have ended up much, much worse. I'm at home recovering, sore but thankful to be alive.

Elsewhere, the second show of the tour 'The Marriage Of Figaro' has now opened and have solid reviews, and the tour will continue in a few days when we've all have a little R&R.

Review For The Marriage Of Figaro

Buxton Cricket Ground

20th July 2006

Buxton Festival Fringe isn't really complete without the opportunity to see an outdoor performance at the Cricket Ground. But the weather doesn't always co-operate, and it is a courageous theatre company that plans to bring one open air production let alone two. So, full marks to Distraction Theatre Company for returning this week to present The Marriage of Figaro.

This isn't the Mozart opera but the Beaumarchais play that inspired it. Figaro, steward to the count, plans to marry Suzanne, the countess' maid but there are many schemes afoot to thwart his intentions. There are many twists and turns in the story and, for those unfamiliar with it, this is a rare chance to get to grips with the plot before you see a production that adds the arias!

In a big outdoor space like the cricket ground, with the beautiful scenery competing for attention, the action on stage needs to be eye-catching and riveting. Distraction Theatre's bright costumes, big wigs, big voices and exaggerated gestures fit the bill here. The comic antics of the discordant chorus are particularly effective.

So pack that picnic (and the midge cream) and spend a warm summer's evening watching Distraction's entertaining show.

Review For The Canterbury Tales

Buxton Festival

July 14th '06

The Monty Python cartoon Chaucer. Madness and mayhem as the Miller, his wife, the knight, the wife of Bath, Geoffrey himself, the Scholar, the ridiculous Absolon all run around in circles banging into one another. KERPOW! SPLAT!

This is a wonderfully irreverent bawdy performance of Chaucer's best known tales. Immense fun. Stanislavsky and Strindberg it ain't. We had a wonderful Fringe evening on the Cricket Ground. The sun was hot, the breeze was blowing the midges away, Pakistan were dropping catches. (Well, that was happening elsewhere but it lent a warm glow). Friends were there with a picnic, the bar was open and some 50 people took full advantage. There's plenty of room for more and you'll still hear every word. It wasn't all pantomime though. The Knight's Tale was quite lyrically told and made a sensitive counterpart to the surrounding madness.

Congratulations to Distraction on a splendid entertainment. You can catch Chaucer tonight (Friday 14th). God knows what they'll do with The Marriage of Figaro next week but I'll be there.
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