Chronicles Of MTP (chroniclesofmtp) wrote,
Chronicles Of MTP

Audition Treadmill

I haven't disappeared of the face of planet quite yet to all those that follow the exploits on this hear internet. Having taken a couple of weeks off I'm back into the swing of sending out cvs and going to auditions. I've been putting myself up for about 5-10 a week and getting various results as I've gone through.

I was shortlisted for a feature film but in the end didn't make the final cast list. I take this as a plus though because it means I wasn't just completely dismissed out of hand.

I've have a long weekend as well, rehearsing on a project that isn't acting related then heading on and seeing all the Academy boys back together under one roof for the first time in almost a year and getting suitably shit faced. Then I headed further east for some Ipswitch R+R and a spot of afternoon delight before heading up to loughborough for another audition today, which again, I thought went quite well. Fingers Crossed.
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