Chronicles Of MTP (chroniclesofmtp) wrote,
Chronicles Of MTP

The Long Winding Road

I last left you as I headed for London, what a great week that turned out to be. I went to the theatre twice, went to football three times, went to a gig, went the cinema a couple of times, had a look at the gothic nightmares exhibition at Tate Britain and generally got drunk and did the things you can do in London when you've got a spare couple of bob. Also great to catch up with new friends that's been far too long in coming and also great to meet new friends and discuss future projects.
From London and our week off we departed for the frozen snowy North of Bradford and found ourwselves in 5 star self catered appartments outside of town. This small luxary made up for the fact that Bradford doesn't have alot else going for it. We did however have lots of press again and made local ITV for the second time on tour, we also had a rather good picture in The Telegraph and Argus, Bradfords local paper.
A brief three work days in Aylesbury gave us the opportunity to see some of the local sights around Bucks and we even had chance to visit Whipsnade Wildlife Park on our day off. I've never been that intrested in animals but I started watching this Wild In Africa thing while we were in London so it was really great to see the Lions and Hippos and Rhinos and Elephants all up close, I'd recommend it to anyone if they're passing through that way.
So now we're heading to our penultimate week in Colchester, I must admit I'm finding it quite tough as the final lengh comes into view. My health has been suffering quite abit in the these closing stages with back problems, colds and a tooth infection so I'm ready to power on through to resting, and regrouping.
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