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Poole, Devon and The Devils

Wow, it's been a long while since I've been able to update. The show has hit it's groove, it's really on board down and we're moving along nicely.
We left Brighton after a fight with the landlord of number 18, Bristol Road. Who was such a cunt, I think he should be hung up and shot. Fuck you fatman!
Poole was our first week and although the accomdation was horrible, it did have Sky TV which was major plus. It was also nice to be so close to all the venues so the whole getting up in the morning thing wasn't too much of a culture shock.
Devon was shite, I hate to generalise about a whole bunch of people but really, those folks down there really need a rocket up their ass. The pace of life was so slow that it almost stopped. The place we were staying was a farm in the middle of nowhere and stank of damp and wet dog. Glad to be moving on.
This week we are in Cardiff, and last night we witnessed one of the greatest ice hockey matches I have ever seen, The Challenge Cup Final, second leg. Cardiff Devils vs The Coventry Blaze. The Devils started the game at 3-0 down following a mauling last week in Coventry. However, The Devils pulled one back in the first 20 seconds of the game and then in the 2nd period drew level with 2 goals taking the score to 3-3. In the final peroid the Devils gave up a soft goal to trail 3-4, but they still pulled back and equalized with 20 seconds left in the game. OT was tied and the game finished with the Devils winning on pens. A great night of old time hockey.
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