Chronicles Of MTP (chroniclesofmtp) wrote,
Chronicles Of MTP

New Tour Dates

Merry Xmas everyone, I hope you have all done something suitably festive.
So for those of you who like to keep updated as to where I am and am going here are my new tour dates for Pills Thrills @nd Automobiles.

Jan 2nd - 13th: Rehearsals in Brighton
Jan 16th - 20th: Poole
Jan 23rd - 27th: Devon
Jan 30th - Feb 3rd: Cardiff
Feb 6th - 17th: Gwynith
Feb 20th - 24th: Kensington & Chelsea
Feb 27th - Mar 10th: Bradford
Mar 13th - 17th: Bucks
Mar 20th - 24th: Colchester
Mar 27th - 31st: Swansea
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