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Chronicles Of MTP

The Cities Crumble As Tour Rolls Past Half Way

Peterborough, Maidenhead, Derby. All done, all dusted. We've played some weird venues, strangest I think so far would be the Berkshire College Of Agriculture Construction Deptment, where we played in a machine shed that was covered in dryed, crumbling mortar to a bunch of brickies, builders, painters and decorators. If fairness that where a good group of lads and they really got involved, although I must admit I didn't fancy it must at first. That week was spent in Henley-On-Thames which I probably wouldn't recommend to anyone but middle aged women who like middle aged women shops. Rolling on from there we found ourselves in Whatstandwell in Derbyshire and, as the name suggests, it was in the middle of nowhere. It was a place of outstanding natural beauty and did have a pub with a 50p pool table (makes you think eh Londoners?)and a rather fine pint called Hardy & Hansons: The Gunpowder Plot, and believe me that you only knew it was called that the next morning.
On the whole we're being looked after by our venue contacts and the kids that see it, of course there's some exceptions and they make for tough days. Onwards now to the land of the concrete cows; Milton Keynes.
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